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ICT in Nepal

 Nepal is the country locked by the largest two countries India and China. The variation in the structure is also another geographical identification of Nepal. Although it is small in map but we are always survive under the various large problems. Today, we have ability to talk about different technology either about past, present or future. We really feel something pride for knowing about this. Really, we are interested for upcoming new technology and looking chances for either free or else. After this point we try to analysis a condition of Technology of our country only on the basis of analysis of us and predict as in coming 5 years everyone will have own PC and in coming 10 years we will have every things in our browser ,e-governance, ecommerce, etc.

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Restaurant POS software price in Nepal

 The name of Restaurant POS software in Nepal is Smart POS, we have more than 500 regular costumer globally. From UAE, Istanbul, Africa, Europe, South Asia and Nepal. We offer you best service in cheapest price. Price does not matter when you see the system and its software feature.

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Restaurant Management Software System in Nepal

  Smart POS software is globally recognized and now more popular in Nepal. Its charm and popularity is growing day by day. Because of its complete programming feature based on detail research and analysis in Middle east, Africa, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and Australia. And this product can say with full of confidence that we can provide complete 

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Benefits of website redesigning and review

 Benefits of website redesigning and review
Generally we develop website for our official purpose and interest. But after the development of website we do not care about its marketing value, official value and on the other hand we leave its security issues. Finally we should understand that we have developed websites and it's done forever, that is not good health for our official profile and organization 

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Video Production Services in Nepal

We have idea not only idea unique ideas however we do not explore the ideas with content. Without professional ideas and concept we cannot expose our creativity, for this we need sound concept, ideas, videographers, good video editors as well. However, we do not know where to go, what to meet and how to complete our work in time with professional work is the main issue of this time.

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Website Design, Development and Hosting Company in Nepal

 Generally people have started thinking website is prominent and most needed tool and gateway to with own costumers, own well-wishers, own business partners and new comers those who are searching for the best option of related services and business. But still hesitate go start own official website, personal website, company website and organizational website. Because people do not have proper planning in Information and Technology

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What are the process of professional Website output ?

 Before you beginning there are some major stages, everybody should know in this regards;
1. Conpcept creation and sketching on paper
2. Making concrete and final overview that is reflected in first level mock up design
3. Recollection of idea  with specific timelines and work role with schedule 
4. Website designing process starts
5. Final design is now ready 
6. Now stage of going through final programming
7. All the links are tested 

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Costom Web Based Applications

The entire process between Web based software design and development to upgrading it forms the core in building custom software for a client. The applications

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Web site hosting

 Hosting (also known as Web site hosting, Web hosting, and Webhosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files

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What is Android

  Android operating Systems have developed a lot in last 15 years. Starting from black and white phones to recent smart phones or mini computers, mobile OS has come far away.

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